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to every
situation concerning
human milk

For Mothers

First-in-India service to freeze-dry mothers milk into ready-to-use powder form


For Hospitals

First-in-India collaborative service to help hospitals set up a human milk bank


Human Milk Lab

First-in-India service to measure the exact nutritional content of mothers milk


Mother’s own milk
(MoM) is best for the baby

No one knows this better than the mother, however there are situations in which the mother needs to leave home, or is not well, or just too tired to feed the baby in the night-time.

NesLak provides first-time in India, a unique service, by which you can order your own milk to be freeze-dried and sent back to you.


With 3.5 million preterm babies annually, we have an enormous need of human milk banks in India

We are partnering with the hospitals to help them set up human milk banks.

Preterm babies are born earlier than normal babies (at less than 37 weeks) thus the needs of the preterm babies are very different.

This is because the preterm babies need to grow at a pace by which they can match up with full-term babies (catch-up growth). Of course, the best source of nutrition for the preterm babies is their own mother's milk, which in some cases is not produced in adequate quantities by the mothers of such preterm babies.


Hence, in such cases, preterm babies need ‘Donor Human Milk’ for their survival and growth.

Considering the huge burden of preterm babies that we have in India, we need more than 950 human milk banks to ensure that all preterm babies have access to human milk (as against this enormous need, we have just 57 human milk banks currently).

We are partnering with the hospitals to help
them set up human milk banks.

We are an ISO 22000 2018 certified company, which employs state-of-art technology and advanced proprietary processes

At NesLak, we are conducting extensive research towards developing 100% human milk derived solutions for babies.

Our processing methods are far more efficient and advanced which ensure superior retention of all the good components of human milk.

Parameter Typical milk bank
(Holder method)
Proprietary Process
Minimal exposure to heat
Superior retention of taste and essential
components such as Immunoglobulins / HMOs
Preservation of integral structure of human milk cells
Easy to use shelf-stable form

They trust on us


This is a wonderful concept, I don’t need to feel guilty that my baby has to be fed formula while I am at work. What a relief!

Renu, Software Developer, Pune


There is a limit to the amount of milk I could store in my freezer. Indeed, the freeze-drying service of Neslak has come as big help!

Suman Kumari, Hospitality Industry Manager, Bangalore


I would like to thank the wonderful service of Neslak, personally I never thought that this is possible. My baby is doing much better now.

Seher Puri, Entrepreneur, New Delhi


There are occasions where I need to breastfeed my baby, even while outdoors. However, this is not easy. Neslak freeze-dried mother milk has helped me sort out this problem in a big way.

Vanita Bisht, Fashion designer, Mumbai

Mom's Speak

Wow, mother milk freeze-drying is such a fantastic initiative. Now I don’t need to worry that there is any break in breastfeeding my baby.

Kavvya Rao, Office Executive, Chennai


I just cannot explain in words how Neslak freeze-drying service has made my life so much easier. Now, when I travel I don’t carry the worry of not being able to feed my baby my own milk.

Nandita Ghosh, Kolkata


Thanks to Neslak and my lactation counsellor who guided me towards this wonderful service, I was able to ensure that my baby was fed my milk even though I had to be hospitalised for a surgery.

Harman Kaur, Journalist, Gurgaon


100% amazing service! I am just amazed with the concept and the freedom that this service has provided me. Great work!

Nupur Gupta, Lawyer, Noida

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Comprehensive solution to every situation concerning Human Milk.

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